Shoes are an important aspect of everyone’s life as they are the only thing being noticed the first in your dressing and depicts about your personality and how u dress up for any occasion and what kind of shoes you are wearing tells other people about your dressing sense. For me, shoes are the most important part of your dressing as people go look for your shoes before the face. Literally, it can be noted that people’s eye goes on your shoes before your face so the importance is must thing.

Shoes where are the sense of style and fashion on the other hand can be disgrace for you too as if you are at a party or outside with family or friends and you are wearing a low-quality shoes or something that doesn’t fit your feet or look awkward then it can be more embarrassing for you than to make others go giggly for your shoes instead they start bullying you and make fun of what you wearing. The other thing that matters a lot is what kind of shoe sole you wearing and of what material and stuff they are made. Sometimes the shoes which look good from the looks have a low-quality sole in them which make them a showcase, not anything more. Shoes like those aren’t more than an artificial piece of shit that goes to the bin after few time use.

To eliminate the disgrace the soul can give you despite wearing good style shoes many brands have introduced non-slip shoes which are a blessing for the real lovers of good quality shoes. These shoes are not available at every store or place. As they are one of their own kind and can be used at places with water like near pool, muddy areas slippery tiles and many of such places. Sometimes you don’t need any reason to get slipped off from your shoes and get embarrassed in front of your friends, family or colleagues.

Non Slip shoes are available in market in different exciting colors and with glowing neon lights flash male tennis shoes which are made with softer rubber sole which grips on the floor and save you from slipping on the wet or newly made tiles the shiny slippery floors are no more danger if you wearing non slip shoes and you will have full grip of it on the floor.

The elegant design and structure of the shoes shows that it is not only made for the purpose of the grip on floor but they also have tendency to cope with the modern features of the shoes available in market and moreover they have LED lights in it which can be controlled through your smartphone and you can change them according to your desire. This technology thus has introduced all over the world but yet is available and in reach of a specific number of the population so if one can get it shouldn’t delay because once its common then there will be none special in that for people.

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